Incidencia Corporal


Techno Unplugged
Challenge. Disassociation. Discipline. Delirium.
Antique rhythms from Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.
Instruments from here and there.
Melodies whose roots are born from the soil and emerge through the arms and the mouth.

Creating upward spirals.

Celebrating human capacity.

Tremolo Andino.


Respecting Origins

Kawala is a project that brings together musicians from different musical origins to assemble a universal form of poetry. In a world of conflict, it is a way to cultivate peace without loosing cultural roots of the instruments and rhythms represented.

At the heart of the group are Amado Espinoza and Luciano Bertoluzzi. Different musicians are invited for each project.

Demostration of instruments.
Peliculas y Cortos



Amado composes music for film, theatre, circus and performance art. Always in the vanguard, he complements the visual experience with the depth of sound.

From the ancestral to the modern, his compositions demonstrate a sensibility to the complexity of the human being. They create atmospheres and sensations that serve as bridges between the soul of the spectator, that of the artist, and that of the performance or film.

Djembe and Sicus.


Meditation with live music

Samaicuna is a word in Quechua which has no literal translation, but implies the verb to breathe (or breathing together as in a state of rest). Recorded at the Island of the Sun on the winter solstice (summer solstice in the Southern Hemisphere) of 2012, it is the word that best encompasses the concept of this album.

The ebb and flow of the crystalline waters of Lake Titicaca, the birthplace of the Incan empire, is the foundation of the album and a rhythmic return to mythology, to our lost roots, and to the mystical potential of every human being.

The native flutes stem from different cultures, played for centuries to communicate and connect us to the Creator, to the Pachamama, to our brothers and sisters.

Magical in its simplicity, each song is a humble intent to align the sacred heartbeat of the earth with our own.

Samaicuna is an artifact of the ephemeral.

It is the marriage of wind and water.

It is a mirror.

A prayer.

Alone in the entry.