Latest Past Events

*Special – Amado Espinoza Quartet

Record Bar 1520 Grand Blvd, Kansas City

AMADO ESPINOZA QUARTET Amado Espinoza Quartet brings Andean soul to the American heartland. Amado plays traditional Andean instruments – the charango and sikus, as well as the mandolin and didgeridoo. He teams up with Andres Ramirez on percussion, Tina Bilberry on violin, and Johnny Hamil on bass, to bring a contemporary electric feel to Amado’s […]

Iskay at Brookside Farmers’ Market

HJ's Community Center 6425 Wornall Rd, Kansas City

"Iskay” is a duo based in Kansas City that plays traditional South American music. Amado Espinoza, from Bolivia, is a unique composer/performing artist specializing in the Bolivian Charango.  He is a unique performing artist that respects his folk traditions of the Andes Mountains, while creating compositions that are sincere to his musical-wanderlust personality.  Playing over […]

Ayllu (Latin Ameticcan Music) at Lemonade Park

Lemonade Park 1628 Wyoming St, Kansas City

Ayllu: "I-You" (quechua) n. Family; Musica Latinoamerica; Original and Traditional Sounds Ayllu is the sum of many inter-American parts. The band name, a Quechua word for "family", is fitting, as the group formed in Kansas City from a kinship of love for latin folk rock - mixing both traditional and contemporary instruments to create a […]