Handcrafted Instruments

Being a musician is more than just making music…

Making instruments by hand, in addition to the countless hours researching ethnic instruments has undoubtedly deepened my connection with music. Instruments come from nature: from trees and animals. They have their own individual soul. Working with my own hands from the raw material, I love to read the grain of the wood and respect the tree´s years on earth. I feel a reverence for the goat or horse, whose skin becomes a drum. This craft helps me master an instrument using its inner voice, thus as a musician I can lend a voice to nature.

In one of my most popular workshops: creation of musical instruments using found objects, participants are able to discover in bottles, tubes, cans, etc., objects that produce musical sounds. They are surprised to learn that the true instrument comes from within. They value common materials like plastic or tin, they play in a liminal space where their imagination becomes tactile. They don`t need to be professional craftsmen in order to construct good instruments, to produce a quality sound and create music.

Thanks to this circular relationship with instruments, the spirit becomes material, and material becomes spirit…

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